QI – QIEX Credit Points

General credits points applied to the QIEX Asset Exchange

What is QI?

The full name of QI is QIEX Credit Points, which is the universal credit of QIEX Digital Assets Trading Center (QIEX.COM), which is a transferable credit certificate.

QI can deduct transaction fees, participate in community voting, obtain membership and corporate services, and more service priorities and rewards.

There are many ways to get QI. For example: new user registration, referral and transaction rewards, check-in, participation in community voting, research, etc.

QI is a smart contract that relies on the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum (ETH) network.



Total issue amount

1000000000(Never increase the issue)

1. Community (60%)

60% of the portion, or 600,000,000 QI, is distributed to all community users through registration, referral, and transaction rewards.

2. Market (15%)

15% of them are used to develop markets and brand promotion.

3.Cooperative institutions and private placements (25%)

Cooperative institutions and capital private placements. Member Services and Ecological Fund (5%)

About repurchase

QIEX conducts regular repurchase and publicity based on a customized repurchase program.

Release notes

The QIEX team will not hold the QI and will be freely circulated upon release in proportion and plan.


July 2018

Start community release

July 2018

Complete asset access SOP

July 2018

Complete risk rating criteria

August 2018

New financial product development

August 2018

APP and client development

August 2018

Credit system establishment

September 2018

Asset custody business online

September 2018

Integrating digital assets

October 2018

Market operation

October 2018

Partner development

November 2018

First repurchase

Issue and user rights FAQS

QI’s community issuance and ownership of users

Complete three-level real-name certification: get 300QI.

Get 10QI(1 time per day)

Complete three-level real-name certification: get 300QI.

The handling fee for all transactions of the user is equivalent to 1 cents per piece at the current market price. Put (if the transaction fee deduction with QI is not issued).

The corresponding QI can be obtained through the management incentive of community autonomy.

The transaction fee is deducted by 1 cents/piece before the first repurchase.

Users who hold QI recommended above 50,000QI can enjoy a 40% commission fee.

Users who hold a QI recommendation of 100,000 QI or more can enjoy a 50% commission fee.

Users holding more than or equal to 600 QI can get irregular candy gift rights

Users holding more than or equal to 600 QI can participate in project listing, transfer, delisting and reverse voting

Capital Cooperation